HTML 2.0 has a limited range of formatting options. Bold and italic are options, but underlined text is not yet possible. The latter option only appears in HTML 3.2.

The right alignment and centered text are not possible. Text can be aligned left alone. There is no color, font and font size formatting present in HTML 2.0.

In this release of HTML you can already set bullets and create hyperlinks. Furthermore, so-called text heads can be set in six sizes and horizontal lines of separation are possible.

In HTML 2.0, the following elements are included:

   Hx (H1 t/m H6)

This list of (layout) elements above is based on the following page: Hypertext Markup Language - 2.0 | September 22, 1995.

See also: HyperText Markup Language Specification - 2.0.

Remarks. HTML 1.0 and its later versions 2.0, 3.2 and 4.01 are based on the principles of SGML (= Standard Generalized Markup Language), a meta language that creates a hierarchical structure inside the document: the HEAD section and BODY section inside the HTML section.
The elements in this structure are defined with so-called tags. Elements can also have attributes that contain more information about that element like color or font size.