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Dynamic CSS - links

Wikipedia - Dynamic Cascading Style Sheets.

Jori-koolstra.nl - Dynamic Cascading Style Sheets, een simpele inleiding (dutch).

Codewalkers.com - Dynamic CSS with PHP.

Dynamic CSS - Introduction

Dynamic Cascading Style Sheets

Dynamic CSS, or DCSS, is an umbrella term for a collection of technologies used together to create dynamic style sheets, by using a combination of any server-sided programming language (such as PHP/ASP/Perl/JSP) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). The first idea of DCSS was written in July 2002 by Jori Koolstra, a Dutch programmer.

See Wikipedia - Dynamic Cascading Style Sheets.

Note. All the examples of Dynamic CSS I met so far on the internet use an internal stylesheet ( <style type="text/css"><?php require_once("sheet.dcss.php"); ?></style> ). The results of the PHP process would be shown in the head-section of the webpage.

Here we use an external stylesheet by using <link href="../css3_dcss/stylesheet.php" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" /> in the head-section of this page. The results of the PHP process are shown in the stylesheet.

Dynamic Cascading Style Sheets - Examples

layout dcss_one

layout dcss_two

layout dcss_three

Note. These three layouts are described right below in "Example stylesheet".

Dynamic CSS - Example stylesheet

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